no-BS-smIn a world full of “me too” products, Voodoo Chile Sauces continues to forge new trails and entertain the palates of people everywhere. Our bacon hot sauces and our craft beer collaboration hot sauces are prime examples of Sui Generis (of their own kind).


Did we just mention Bacon & Beer? … Yup, we did!


PORCUS was the first delicious, convincing, usable, gourmet bacon hot sauce on the planet, and it has since swept the globe, creating fans on every continent, save one (we’ve not given up on Antarctica, yet).

Porcus is lauded by pitmasters, chefs, and sauce lovers everywhere as, “the world’s best bacon hot sauce … bar none!” (see video below)

But that’s not all we’re known for! We’re also known for …


Our craft beer collaboration sauces are without equal. The underlying beer the #1 ingredient and serves as the Muse for the new sauces recipe. We are blessed to work with some of America’s finest craft brewers including Adroit Theory Brewing Company, Crooked Run, Samuel Adams, Old Ox, and Flying Dog Brewery.