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Voodoo Chile Sauces has a simple mission: “Make ’em smile!”


Our heat levels range from Mild to Wild, and everything in between, and the flavor profiles are far from ordinary.


Beer, BACON, and the pursuit of #Saucesomeness.

We are not like the rest! We are our own pack, we do our own thing … none of the following trends or copying what’s popular. We are driven by a passion to deliver multiple layers of heat and a kaleidoscope of flavors.


Enjoy your visit, and we hope you find something you like!


Our sauces are in the mild to medium range. If you are looking for extreme heat sauce, please check out our sister company, Ætérnus Sauceworks.


Now … on with the show!!!!!








(EXTREME!) Our most intense all natural sauce in the Ætérnus Sauceworks line-up. 74% extreme peppers, sugar, toasted garlic, salt, white wine vinegar and a secret blend of spices. This is one INSANELY hot sauce; many have called it the hottest all natural hot sauce, ever. Normally $14.49
Porcus TORMENTUM is the maniacally evil big brother of Porcus Infernum. This is an INSANELY HOT hot sauce! Order now while supplies last! Normally priced at $14.99
King of Pain
King of Pain is identical to Psycho Tropic, except it enjoys an abusively large amount of the world's hottest peppers, kicking it through the roof with intense heat! Order now while supplies last! Normally priced at $11.99
Bacon-X is SIMILAR to Porcus Infernum, but is thicker in consistenct and delivers a deep, rich, earthy flavor due to the addition of Ancho, Guajillo and Pasilla chiles. Definitely a big heat sauce, but in a very sneaky, slow building way! Normally priced at $11.99

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