Our mission statement is pretty simple:

Beer, BACON, and the pursuit of #Saucesomeness.

Bacon? Seriously? YES! We know … a lot of “bacon flavored” products simply don’t deliver. Our line of bacon themed sauces enjoy a fantastic reputation and an international following. We invite you to give them a try!

As for Beer … we are blessed to work with some of America’s finest craft brewers. Since the very beginning we have been steadfast in our commitment to ensure that our craft beer hot sauces showcase the underlying beer, and that each sauce recipe is wholly focused upon the flavors and nuances of each beer used as its base.

This passion to develop and deliver unique hot sauces is what the Pursuit of Saucesomeness is all about.

Those who do not yet count themselves among our ranks often ask, “What is ‘Saucesomeness’?”

(n) The quantum state created when awesome people encounter awesome sauce!

When it comes to purveyors of fiery food products, we are among many … but we are not like the rest. We are our own pack; we do our own thing. We follow our own path, refusing to follow trends or copy what’s popular. We are driven by a passion to deliver multiple layers of heat and a kaleidoscope of flavors, and whenever we bring a new sauce to market, we can state with complete confidence:

  • No gimmicks. No bullshit. Just Great Sauce!

Our founder was raised by a U.S. Marine and often heard to mantra, “Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way.” The resulting dedication and attitude is a huge reason behind us blazing the trails we have in the way of both bacon and craft beer hot sauces.

MOST of our sauces are in the mild to medium range. Our focus is upon exquisite flavor profiles and a level of heat that is accessible to a wide range of fiery food fans. If you want/need more heat, consider buying some extreme pepper powders, flakes or tinctures to boost the intensity of any great tasting sauce. We do realize there is an ultra tiny market for massive heat and, as such, we do have some limited editions and seasonal offerings under the Ætérnus Sauceworks label, which are definitely on the extreme end of the scale.

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Enjoy your visit, and we hope you find something you like!