It was 3 years ago today that my dear friend, Don Fergus, posted his last few jokes on social media for the very last time. Oddly enough, one of them was about an Irish Funeral / St. Paddy’s Day joke.


Voodoo Chile Sauces went from being a minor afterthought of an avocation to a full time company as a means to memorialize the impact Don had on my life. Numerous times every month, for many months before he left this worldly plane, he constantly encouraged me to do something with, “this hot sauce thing you have going!”


He deeply believed that at least one of our products belonged on every grocery store in the U.S., and believed that we had something special. While preparing my part of his eulogy, it struck me: how better to honor his life by doing something with my own that relates to something he worked so hard to push me towards. Less than 2 years later and I was making a massive leap of faith, leaving my career job to make myself wholly available to build this little company.



ALSO … we crafted Phoenix, our super food sauce, in loving memory of Don Fergus. Today, we would like to offer you a bottle of Phoenix, a bottle of our limited edition GREEN DREAMS, St. Paddy’s Day 2017, and third bottle of YOUR choosing for $23, SHIPPING included!!!!


1 PHOENIX, plus 1 GREEN DREAM, and your choice for only $24 (FREE SHIPPING) (FREE shipping!)  

Third Bottle :


ALSO … Don was a HUGE supporter of entrepreneurs everywhere and I know he would support our friends at Tasting The Heat. PLEASE consider making a contribution to their equipment upgrade fund on GoFundMe. You can add it to your shopping cart here and we will make a contribution in your name. Otherwise, please visit their GoFundMe page and make a contribution there! (click here)

  1. ** CONTRIBUTE to Tasting The Heat ($1, adjust via “Qty” in your shopping cart after adding)


getting-greenLean, sorta mean, and TOTALLY GREEN!


Pro Tip: don’t waste any time screwing around, there are NOT many of these available!


GREEN DREAMS is our St. Paddy’s Day 2017!




Fire roasted jalapeno, pickled tomatillo, toasted garlic, sweet onion, and a very light touch of cilantro (even people who do not like cilantro have been very complimentary of this sauce).


There’s a bit of green habanero to make up for how much milder the fire roasting process makes jalapenos!


Once this sale ends, any labels left over are being destroyed and that’s it!


If it sounds amazingly like Freak Show, there’s a good reason for that: it is. We really screwed up and ran out of labels on our last Freak Show bottling run and … well … it was quite a few bottles. We kept them and have been using those for private label products for local organizations. As a fan of St. Paddy’s Day — and I’ll admit, my Irish ancestry is nominal aty best; I love the day as a purely selfish, drinking class citizen — the idea of having an ultra limited edition St. Paddy’s Day sauce label struck me as something fun to do! So … you’re getting a highly regarded green sauce at a great price … and an ultra limited edition label. {insert smile & thumbs up here}


So … with that out of the way, allow me to say: GET SOME NOW, before they’re gone!


Green Dreams: TWO BOTTLES $7.77 ($3.88/ea).


Green Dreams: SIX PACK $19.77 ($3.29/ea)




PHOENIX: TWO BOTTLES $7.77 ($3.88/ea).


PHOENIX: SIX PACK $19.77 ($3.29/ea)



ALSO: please make a contribution to the Tasting The Heat equipment upgrade project! (it’s a dollar here, you can up that to what you want at the shopping cart!)



18677360_1488753451.8885_funddescriptionI CHALLENGE THEE TO A DUAL!


. . . I always got a lot of laughs out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus!


<== Click on the pic to the left if you want to learn more about the GoFundMe part of this campaign:


To the left is my good friend, Kendall Stadler. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s he was the lead singer of the hard rock band, Herazz, and is now host of Tasting the Heat, which is quickly becoming one of THE premier outlets for reviews, interviews, and other entertaining servings of all things spicy! His enthusiasm for this wild side of all things culinary is intense, and he has given thousands of dollars of his own, and untold hours of his time in the pursuit of doing something notable for the people and products in the fiery foods world!


We at Voodoo Chile are fortunate to work with some of the most entertaining and enjoying personalities in the modern fiery foods podcast / blogging / social media scene.  Each person or team we have encountered has a fresh, unique and enjoyable voice in this space, and Kendall happens to be one who we believe would benefit event promoters, manufacturers and the ever growing audience of people who are fans of hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and other spicy food items! He has years of stage and microphone presence which shines through on every Live! video and podcast! His recorded feeds are relevant and entertaining, his live interviews are informative, entertaining and engaging. Kendall is a genuinely sincere man with a big heart, a strong voice, a true depth of passion, and a vision. He has the energy of a rock star, with the calm presence of a level headed professional. Oh, and have I mentioned that he is wildly in love with the wild and wonderful world of spicy foods?


When our founder, Thom, was recently on air with Kendall, the subject of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo (22~23 Aprilo, 2017) came up. When it was learned that Kendall and Tracey were unable to make that event, Thom challenged the live audience to create a GoFundMe page to “fix” that! Enough interest was shown that Kendall went ahead the next day and created the account, which is linked in this blog.



  1. 1, To raise enough money to ensure that Kendall and Tracey can afford to take the two days off from work needful to make this trip, and to assist in the costs associated with it. They were planning on attending other shows this year, but there we are of the opinion that the NYC Expo is the genuine gold standard in current day fiery food events!
  2. 2. To get a fund started which will be 100% dedicated to upgrading the video and recording equipment that Tasting The Heat needs to bring a professional and polished end product to us, the audience.
  4. Well, right now I am encouraging — nay, challenging — you to give a little something in the way of money to help this cause! Here’s a couple ways in which you can help if so desired.
  5. You can add your own desired amount (in $1 increments) to them and 100% of your contribution will be posted on their GoFundMe page within 24 hours. Unless we are directed otherwise, the donation will be made in your name, unless you specify that it be anonymous, in which case we WILL make sure it is placed as an anonymous donation.
  6. The other way is by taking advantage of one of the pre-packaged or pick your own offers below, each of which is associated with a set donation, again on your behalf.
  7. STRAIGHT CONTRIBUTION: this will start at $1, and just change the quantity in the shopping cart to the amount desired. Again: A FULL 100% if thus amount goes to the Tasting The Heat fund (you can check the link the next day and see it there!)
  8. ** STRAIGHT CONTRIBUTION ($1, adjust via “Qty” in your shopping cart after adding)


** PICK A 3-PAK (free shipping) for $26 and we’ll make a contribution of $5 on your behalf. YOU CAN DO MULTIPLE 3-paks, and each one results in another $5 contribution:

Pick THREE, Only $26 (FREE shipping!)  

Bottle #1 :
Bottle #2 :
Bottle #3 :



OR … if you already have a standing order in the cart, we’d be happy to donate 10% of the proceeds of that transaction (does not include price of shipping):

I’m good, but go ahead and use 10% of what I am about to purchase today! This costs you nothing extra! We simply take 10% of what we were going to make and contribute it to Tasting The Heat on your behalf.

** ALREADY HAVE AN ORDER in the shopping cart, but please donate 10% of that order.