Voodoo Chile Sauces exists to entertain taste buds. Our founder, Thom Toth, raised his sons with the maxim, “Make them smile!” and that motto is also a living part of our day to day lives at this company. We have a lot of fun doing what we do, and one of the most rewarding aspects is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they taste one of our sauces for the first time.

Truth be known, making hot sauce is easy … that’s why so many people are doing it and why there are so many brands to choose from. What separates us from the pack is our relentless commitment to quality and our focus on crafting layered, complex sauces that people will want to use & share. Just look at the ingredients listing on our labels. These are not some el cheapo, me-too, wannabe vinegar based heated liquid. We use only the finest ingredients, we go to great lengths to find just the right balance of flavors, heat and finish.

We have zero shame in stating that we do not make the world’s hottest sauces. We want you to fall in love with our sauces, to use them, regularly and liberally, and be excited enough by them to want to share them with your friends. If our sauces are sitting in your fridge or on a shelf for months after being opened, then we’re doing something wrong. However, if you are one of those freaks of nature with a tolerance for big heat, our sister company, Ætérnus Sauceworks exists solely as an outlet for our sauceologist’s urges to indulge in the extreme.

When we use the ubiquitous phrase, “flavor first,” it is quite LITERAL. Every last one of our sauces was purposely crafted to deliver at least one or two waves of flavor before the heat from the chile peppers begins to set in. Some of our sauces have a rather long fuse before the heat flares up, others can be comparatively short. All the same, we intentionally crafted these so you have ample time to judge for yourself if that sauce is a flavor profile and of a quality that is awesome to you.

Our initial claim to fame was being the first to create a delicious, convincing, versatile gourmet bacon sauce … in the face of being told by the experts that it could not be done. We proved them wrong, albeit at no small cost (over a year and a half and dozens upon dozens of gallons of discarded, failed attempts) and we have since enjoyed a following of devoted customers and enthusiastic fans from virtually every corner of the Earth. That sauce — Porcus Infernum — remains our flagship sauce to this day. We’re not the ones who coined the phrase, “The world’s best bacon hot sauce, bar none” … but one of our customers did.

The next event that propelled our company into deeper waters was a challenge from the people behind the Peppadew® brand. In response to some friendly ribbing online, a member of their legal department challenged us to craft a recipe that would impress both him and their product development team. The base recipe for VooDew HoneyDoo (both Hot and Mild share the same common ingredients) was that prototype, and we have been proudly serving as the world’s only contract manufacturer of Peppadew® sauces ever since! Being part of their intense commitment to a very real and personal part of the Fair Trade movement is inspiring. It does our hearts good knowing that part of every sale is going directly into the lives and mouths of the poorest of the poor overseas … and it is from their hands that these peppers are harvested!

Our little company continues to grow, despite the overwhelming choices available to the sauce loving masses. There are a lot of great sauces out there to choose from, and it is a joy to know that we have met with such a large audience of people whose palates have more than a little something in common with ours! We know our sauces are not cheap compared to the mass produced alternatives found in every major grocery chain in the U.S., but compared to our competition and our bottom line cost per ounce to produce, we are among the most affordable when it comes to our suggested retail price. Most any other established gourmet or artisan sauce company maker would charge significantly more than we do based on the cost to produce. Again, it is our goal to make sauces that people fall in love with, use and want to share. There’s a price point at which that gets prohibitive for most people, and we would rather keep a growing audience.

Not every sauce is for every person … and we hope that one or more of our sauces makes you smile, and makes you want to come back for more. It is our fans and customers who refer to our sauces as, “AWESOME!” We did not start off marketing our sauces with such claims. We did, however, later coin the term #Saucesomeness as a means of pointing out what is most important to us: the AWESOME PEOPLE who are responsible for us even being in business!