BAYS-itOur latest collaboration with the wildly creative minds of Adroit Theory Brewing is now available.


Black As Your Soul (B/A/Y/S, for short) uses the beer by the same name as its main ingredient. Their intensely rich, dense, and delicious Russian Imperial Stout was a perfect springboard from which to craft an intense hot sauce that is able to live up to the hype and love this beer has enjoyed. We blended in some black cherries to lend some added density and depth to the flavor, some espresso bean to accentuate the coffee notes of the stout, and carrot rose to the top of the list for the best delivery system for this intense, habanero forward hot sauce. Pairs wonderfully with pork, fried poultry, steak, sushi and more!


Tear off your suit-and-tie straightjacket; this soulful treat plunges you into the blackness we are normally numb to. Submerge yourself in the riches of an alternate life, outside the corporate fishbowl. Obscured in the depths of this Russian Imperial Stout you encounter a full-roasted body that provides food for dark contemplation. Hiding behind the toasted tones lurk intriguing wisps of complex flavors: aged woods, fresh fruits, earthy nuts. This malty exploration of the soul leaves you wondering: Was the darkness in the bottle, or was it in me all along?


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Available at the Adroit Theory tasting room in Purcellville, VA, on their website, OR through a worldwide retail exclusive via Hot Sauce Willie’s!

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