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Seriously! All 5 of these hard to find craft beer collaborations from Adroit Theory Brewing Company, Samuel Adams®, and Flying Dog Brewery!


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You’re not going to see this sale again! In fact, this is the first time that some of these sauces have been available online this summer. and for some of them, it WILL be the very last time.


Get all 5 of our available craft beer collaboration hot sauces for one low price, plus $10.95, anywhere in the U.S. (that’s a steal: even Medium Flat Rate box is $13.45)


Winter Angel:
featuring Samuel Adams® Winter Lager. The good folks at Boston Beer Company commissioned us with the task of bringing to foreground the background flavors of their wildly famous Winter Lager. A delicious mix of Orange, Ginger a hint of Cinnamon and the fantastic flavor of the Winter Lager all meld into one wildly bright fireworks display of flavor! Delectable on seafood, pork, chicken and much more.


B/A/Y/S (Black As Your Soul)

Made with the infamous Russian Imperial Stout by the same name, this deep, insanely dark (the sauce is inkwell black), and complex sauce very much showcases this intense, rich beer. Nice notes of sweet black cherry,  espresso, and a wonderfully thick consistency. Awesome on pork, steak or smoked beef brisket.


Fever Dream:

Our first collaboration with the badasses of craft beer, Flying Dog Brewery. Fever Dream is their mango habanero IPA, and this sauce, by the same name, features the aroma and flavor of that beer rather prominently. You’re not going to find another mango-habanero IPA remotely similar to this one! Semi sweet, with a really nice heat, and a truly unique dry finish right down the middle of the tongue!


Bloody Roots:

We went back to our roots with our very first collaborative partner, Adroit Theory Brewing Co., and were tasked with crafting the planet’s quintessential bloody Mary hot sauce. We took the highlight flavors of their beer and masterfully blended them with our Heart of Porcus recipe base, the ingredients and flavor profile that made our beloved bacon hot sauce, Porcus Infernum, world famous. Yeah, seriously … a beer & bacon hot sauce!!!!


Peach Reaper:

The underlying IPA for this hot sauce is the 3rd in the Heat Series from Flying Dog Brewery, and is a peach IPA heavily infused with the notoriously famous, Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. Like the Fever Dream hot sauce, the underlying IPA holds a very strong presence here, and the complexities of the beer are accentuated quite nicely. A pleasant peach presence, with strong hints of apricot and a touch of lemon. This one delivers a very sneaky heat!


We have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of these available. First come, first served.




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