Beware the Sasko



  • Style: Savory, Exotic/Unique
  • Heat level: MEDIUM … (5 out of 10)
  • Pairs well with: almost anything!

Our first collaboration with Adroit Theory Brewing Company used their 2015 serrano smoked porter, The Devil Made Me. A based of agaze glazed carrot, tamarind and coriander seed provides a highly unique, enjoyable layers of flavor. Hints of fruitiness while still being savory. Heat is provided by the wonderfully delicious Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, which we sole source from PuckerButt Pepper Company, of South Carolina.


This is another wildly versatile sauce! If nothing else, we can say that any hot sauce fan would be hard pressed to say that this one reminds them of anything else they’ve tried before.


Available through Adroit Theory Brewing Co.