• Bhuty-Time-ImageStyle: Savory / Italian
  • Heat Level: MEDIUM … (6 out of 10)
  • Pairs with: Tomato based dishes, or anywhere you would use ketchup.

You wanted zesty, you GOT zesty! As a rule, almost every hot sauce on the planet clashes with a great tomato based Mediterranean dish. We solved that problem for you!


We fused a classic Italian tomato sauce with savory herbs and some of the planet’s hottest peppers to bring a dance party to your palate! A blend of Thai red peppers and the infamous Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) are set to bring your face a wonderful chile pepper adventure of epic proportions. At first you are washed over with a wave of luscious, savory, Mediterranean flavors and just as the transient heat of Thai pepper fades, the late-fused and enjoyable burn of the Bhut starts to build, lending a spicy glow to the smile you are certain to have!


This uh’mazing tomato treat will literally have your taste buds dancing their Bhuty off!


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