For your convenience and safety, we process all online transactions via our Square storefront. Square is highly respected online financial services and merchant services company that can provide better transaction protection than any little company like our own. Unlike PayPal, you do NOT have to have an account with Square to make purchases in their hosted stores.

Click HERE, or on the Square logo above to enter our storefront!


If you are looking for t-shirts and hoodies, CLICK HERE to go to our TeeSpring storefront. We chose TeeSpring because for us to carry shirts in inventory would either require us to carry hundreds of them at a time, or they would cost a bloody fortune. With TeeSpring, new batches of shirts are printed roughly twice a week, and you can pay extra to have them create and ship your shirt(s) immediately. It also allows us to add new designs and make changes on the fly.

Thanks a million for looking and we hope you find something you like!