Never Say Never?

For well over 2 years I’ve told no less than a thousand people, “We will never have a mango habanero hot sauce.”  Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against mango … in fact, I freaking LOVE it, but the fact remains that it is, perhaps arguably, the most “over Read More

Phoenix Superfood Sauce

Phoenix is a wonderfully unique hot sauce that has a lot more applications than folks tend to think. People often get caught up with the individual ingredients and get lost. Many assume it is an insanely fruity, overly sweet sauce, which it surely is not! It’s actually a semi-sweet, somewhat “dry” of Read More

Hop Sauce?

Traditionally, beer has been used as a supplementary ingredient. At Voodoo Chile, we fully deconstruct a beer and then craft a unique recipe around its flavor profile and nuances. We have never dropped beer into an existing recipe. Instead, we craft a totally new and unique sauce that is built specifically around each beer.   Read More

Know Your Bacon!

As our line of bacon sauces continues to grow and expand into larger territory, the questions about them continues to mount up. Hopefully some of those questions will be answered herein.   The question we get asked the most is, “What makes your your bacon sauces different from the other few Read More