Phoenix — our superfood super sauce — also happens to be among our very best chicken wing sauces! Granted, some may argue to the contrary, but such things are hugely subjective anyhow. All the same, we’re so certain that you’ll fall in love with Phoenix that we’re offering a killer discount on a 3-pak of Read More

Phoenix Superfood Sauce

Phoenix is a wonderfully unique hot sauce that has a lot more applications than folks tend to think. People often get caught up with the individual ingredients and get lost. Many assume it is an insanely fruity, overly sweet sauce, which it surely is not! It’s actually a semi-sweet, somewhat “dry” of Read More

We put bacon on our bacon!

Aw, yeah, baby … you read it right: today we put the world’s BEST bacon hot sauce (bar none!) on our bacon!   Introducing: Porcus Candied Bacon Strips! In addition to Porcus Infernum hot sauce (click here to buy), here’s what you’ll need: * 1 lb THICK CUT bacon * 1 bottle Read More

Super Chicken Wings

So, the countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is under way! Here are some tips to creating some KILLER CHICKEN WINGS!   For starters … if you prefer to toss your wings in sauce before serving, I recommend giving Phoenix and Bacon Taco a try this year! Separately, of course. If using Phoenix, Read More

Psycho Chicken Salad

One simple ingredient can radically transform the humble, traditional chicken salad. We’ve found that more straightforward cooking methods make for the best chicken meat for this recipe, be it baked, fried, grilled or rotisserie. Smoking tends to throw everything off balance, but that’s a personal preference and opinion. Let us know what Read More

Puerco Carne Queso dip!

I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful to say, “Puerco Carne Queso,” but this is a dip that’ll have your guests grinning and drooling like they’d just been dropped on their heads! It also may seem a tad redundant to put bacon hot sauce in a dish already containing Read More

Pulled Porcus

Ready to be that guy/gal at the party or cook-out who can rightfully pull the “Mic Drop” move when your dish is served? Ever dreamed of serving up pulled pork so lusciously moist and delicious that nobody wants to even bother with BBQ sauce? Your time, my friend, has come! Oh, Read More