Know Your Bacon!

pork-be-with-youAs our line of bacon sauces continues to grow and expand into larger territory, the questions about them continues to mount up. Hopefully some of those questions will be answered herein.


The question we get asked the most is, “What makes your your bacon sauces different from the other few that are available?”


The answer is simple:

It’s All About Heart!


Ha ha, a punny! (as you’ll see in a second)


At the root of every one of our bacon sauces is an ingredient set we refer to as the, “Heart of Porcus.”  Porcus Infernum was our very first “bacon” hot sauce, and the “bacon, ham, onion and tomato” thing is at the base of every one of our Porcus derived sauces.


So, let’s talk more about “bacon” … as many people who’ve been around us for any reasonable length of time know, I refer to these as PIG SOWSES! Allow me to explain:


Several years ago, I happened upon an online conversation among some respected names in the hot sauce world, stating that it was impossible to make a convincing, usable, bacon hot sauce. This served as the impetus for Porcus Infernum. I came across that discussion due to a search I was doing about a so-called “bacon” hot sauce I had just been introduced to that was beyond disappointing. When I saw the, “not possible,” comments, a defiant little voice bubbled up inside of my head, and a “Challenge Accepted” moment occurred.


It took almost two years of pouring one failed experiment after another down the drain. Along the way, a lot of lessons were learned, though. For starters, they were right: you cannot make a CONVINCING bacon hot sauce that uses only real bacon. Reason being: in order to remain solely within FDA jurisdiction, you cannot have any more than 2% cooked bacon, by weight, in a product. After 2%, things fall under USDA jurisdiction which brings with it a veritable mountain of red tape paperwork, much higher expenses, and more. Point being: at or below 2% cooked bacon, you can NOT get a convincing bacon flavor.


So, yeah … in my search to “prove them wrong,” and not get pushed into the insanity of being subjected to both the FDA and the USDA, we were forced to take the “artificial ingredient,” route. In the end, that worked our really, really good for us, and you’ll soon see why.


In the end, our first “pig sowse” delivered a huge blast of bacony goodness on the nose and the taste buds, as well as some tender, sweet, ham-like notes too. The combination comes by way of a proprietary blend of ingredients, some of which are now manufactured solely for Voodoo Chile Sauces. While others may attempt to copy our recipe, it is all but theoretically impossible for anyone to fully duplicate it now.


Don’t get me wrong … there are some delicious gourmet style sauces on the market today that advertise the word, “bacon,” but none of them deliver what we do. Mind you, we’re not saying we’re better or they’re worse; it’s different, and on a rather large scale.


What’s more, our sauces not only have a much bigger, bolder, more convincing and delicious bacon flavor going on, they’re also vegan friendly. Heck, we even had a Rabbi spend the day at our bottling partner, reviewing the recipes, inspecting the facility, and in the end, while we could do a “kosher bacon flavored hot sauce,” it would require is taking over the bottling facility for an entire 24 period. We are far from being ready to do that much of any one recipe all at once. But at least it’s nice to know that’s a possibility.


Let’s look at the current line-up:



Heat scale: 1 out of 5.


Our flagship sauce! Ultra mild, intense bacon & ham flavor and aroma, a nice burst of sweet onion, and a rich, tomato base. Makes the world’s best Bloody Mary even better. Also tastes great on scrambled eggs, pulled pork sandwiches (makes for a KILLER injection if you make your own pulled pork), pork loin, fried chicken, wings and much, much more!


Without giving too much away, let’s look under the proverbial hood at the Heart of Porcus. When it comes the bacon flavor, we actually use numerous ingredients to achieve that, one of which is now exclusively manufactured for Voodoo Chile Sauces. This sole source product is also the one that provides the depth of awesome bacony flavor that people have been in love with since its release. UNLIKE the majority of other “bacon flavored” products on the market, ours has a smooth, delicious, lingering flavor profile that is PLEASANT! You’ll be hard pressed to find that elsewhere.


Still other ingredients are used to accentuate the bacon aroma, as well as the taste and aroma of pork and ham. Apart from that, this is a relatively simple recipe with ALL natural ingredients. The reason “Water,” is listed so high in the ingredients is because we have thin the tomato paste AND reconstitute a number of other dry ingredients. My sons and I invested nearly two years on this recipe, not to create something cheap, not to make a large profit margin hot sauce, but to simply show that it could be done. Truth be known, I had no intention of starting a hot sauce company at that time; I simply wanted to prove that it was not impossible.



Heat level: 2+ out of 5
Bourbon, Maple .. and bacon?!?! Oh yeah, baby, look out! This is an intensely delicious BBQ style hot sauce that’s rather deceiving in that it has simple ingredients, it’s simple recipe, but it delivers a wonderfully not-to-simple flavor profile.


We call it, “a BBQ style hot sauce,” for two reasons: 1) it’s too expensive for most people to use as a mopping sauce, and, 2) it’s too hot to be a family friendly mopping sauce or marinade.


Please be aware that this is a specialty sauce that we do not keep in full time inventory.



Heat scale: 3+ out of 5


The Heart of Porcus taken up a few notches in heat, and taken to another place altogether on flavor profile. This intense taco sauce is loaded with cumin, more onion, and more garlic, and compared to Porcus it is also a very chunky sauce! Instead of tomato paste, here we used crushed tomato, instead of onion powder we use crushed sweet onion, instead of garlic powder, we use granulate toasted garlic.


While this was designed to specifically be a “taco sauce,” we’ve found that it is a wonderfully versatile sauce, so long as cumin does not clash with the dish you’re wanting to enjoy it on.



Heat scale: 3- out of 5.
Our second collaboration with Adroit Theory Brewing Company, this IS the quintessential Bloody Mary hot sauce. Based on “Bloody Roots,” Imperial Brown Ale, a collaborative beer between Adroit Theory and Three Notch’d Brewing, and one of the more unique beers we’ve encountered: brewed with honey, habanero peppers, crushed tomato, celery salt and horse radish! It was only fitting that we took a Bloody Mary inspired beer and turn it into a new Porcus style sauce with an eye on being the world’s best Bloody Mary hot sauce.


How did we do? Let us know!


Please be advised that this is a specialty sauce and is only bottled when Adroit and Three Notch’d brew this amazing beer!



Heat scale: 5 out of 5


No, this is not the hottest sauce on Earth as the “5 out of 5” might lead one to believe, but this is the hottest thing on the Voodoo Chile Sauces line-up, which is also why it is officially branded as an Ætérnus Sauceworks product (our label for extreme heat products).


Bacon-X returns to some of the simplicity of Porcus Infernum, but with a lot less sweetness, a lot less of the tomato presence, and a lot more heat, earthiness and complex flavors! We took a couple years of feedback from our customers and fans and crafted a hot sauce that answered as many of the, “I wish you could …” feedback we have received.


For our extreme chilehead friends … please understand that we are a small company and it is simply not possible for us to cater to every taste and desire. We do occasionally get inquiries about any “ultra extreme” version of any of our products, but as we are still in a position of renting kitchen space or outsourcing larger production runs to our bottling partner, it’s simply not practical for us to do. With that said … might I suggest to those that want more extreme heat, there are some intensely hot chile pepper powders available, not to mention the world’s most EXTREME chile pepper tincture, Scorpion Venom: Adabbon!


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