Let’s talk shipping

cracked-piggyLet’s face it: when it comes to small purchases, such as a single bottle of hot sauce, shipping HURTS!



That said, when you start ordering 3 or more bottles, the “per bottle cost” of shipping decreases rapidly, at least on our website.


Also, you may have noticed that many of our best sellers frequently offer discounts for 3 packs and 6 packs.


Here’s the kicker … grab a friend or two, or few, and go in on a group purchase! Once you start getting to 6 packs, or more, shipping goes WAY DOWN!


If you are interested in ordering more than a 6 pack, please contact us directly so we can find you the very best shipping rate.


In fact, don’t hesitate to contact us about any questions you may have about our products, shipping costs, etc. This is not a hobby for us at Voodoo Chile Sauces. This IS our livelihood, and we sincerely appreciate every person who’s part of our continued growth!

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