Dare to want it all!!!

Premium grade, extra coarse (#27) Himalayan pink salt takes center stage and is tastefully mixed with a blend of chile pepper flakes, freeze dried minced onion and toasted, freeze dried garlic bringing a veritable explosion of salty goodness to any dish!

Not too hot, not too mild … we placed just enough freshly dried Moruga pepper flakes to give things a zip. As always, if you have the desire to go full on infernal, we DO offer focused, extreme heat products such as Q-Chile to assist in that endeavor.

All bottles currently shipping come with an adjustable grinder. Pull up for coarse grind and push down for fine.

VerucaSaltHurry, supplies are limited! Introductory discount won’t last long!


  • 84g grinder (pictured above): $7.49 (reg. $8.49) Sorry … SOLD OUT.