National Beer Day

Pretty girl, pretty beer!HAPPY NATIONAL BEER DAY, 2016!


Yup, it’s April 7th already … again! In honor of this most august occasion . . .


SORRY … THE SALE IS ALREADY OVER! Gotta stay on your toes, man. The only way anyone can get hold of these sauces is to purchase Sasko & Roots directly from Adroit Theory Brewing, and Winter Angel through one of our resellers.


Here’s a brief run-down of what you missed:


Beware The Sasko: one of our most inventive sauces ever. Agave glazed carrot, Tamarind and Chocolate Scotch Bonnet. Love it or hate it, there is NOT another sauce like it.


Bloody Roots: the gloves came off for this one. Our client (Adroit Theory Brewing) asked for THE quintessential Bloody Mary hot sauce and we delivered. We fused their Bloody Roots imperial stout with the Heart of Porcus sauce base and what sprang forth is a culinary work of art. The chile pepper blend is Cayenne, Fatalii and a very strategic, reserved dose of premium Chipotle.


Winter Angel: our first collaboration with Samuel Adams® was definitely a daunting task. No sense in pretending to be something that I am not: being asked to create something to impress Jim Koch and his product development team was intimidating. Our goal was to take the background flavors of their Winter Lager beer (orange, ginger & a hint of cinnamon) and bring them forward. Set upon a base of fire roasted Italian red peppers and Samuel Adams Winter Lager, this sauce is nothing short of a little slice of heaven!

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