Never Say Never?

Fever Dream-bottleFor well over 2 years I’ve told no less than a thousand people, “We will never have a mango habanero hot sauce.”  Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against mango … in fact, I freaking LOVE it, but the fact remains that it is, perhaps arguably, the most “over done” sauce on the planet, and there are already several examples of how it is done best!




When people see our FEVER DREAM, Mango Habanero IPA hot sauce (a collaboration with Flying Dog Brewery), one would have to think it’s time for me to start eating crow, huh?


Not really …


Once the folks at Flying Dog decided they were interested in doing a collaboration, Matt Brophy asked what I thought about doing one with Fever Dream, their mango habanero IPA. Almost instantly, a huge, impish grin ran across my face; here was an opportunity to finally do something new and interesting with an ingredient pairing that I truly adore without the confusion of looking like we were either playing the field or attempting to one-up anybody else.


What makes this different is the fact that this is not just a simple mango habanero recipe that we tossed some beer into. When we do a craft beer collaboration, we literally build a whole new, ground up recipe that is wholly directed by and uniquely tailored around the beer we’re working with. In this case, we were going to craft a sauce that has an IPA as its focal point.


Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA hot sauce is not a carbon copy of the Fever Dream beer … it is not just a hot sauce that contains beer … it is a unique creation built wholly around this IPA, yet also stands on its own.


It is also unlike ANY hot sauce you have ever had. Craft beer meets the world of hand crafted hot sauces … join us in enjoying the fiery side of food in ways that have never been explored before.


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What people are saying:

– “brilliant” (Matt B.)

– “If I were a plate of food I would want this sauce all over me.” (Kara)

– “intense! Simply wonderful.” (Brad L)

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