New Storefront

SquareExcuse the mess while we are overhauling the website. The first big change has been our online store. We have moved everything to the SquareUp storefront service to offer you greater protection by having an established, trusted online financial services and transaction processing company handle both the store and the security. The SquareUp store also offers a bundling option which allows the customer to order in multiples of most every sauce to help lower the overall cost of shipping. There is $6.78 base shipping rate, and a flat transaction fee that does not change whether you’re ordering 1, 2 or 3 bottles of a sauce. We also have most of our available case pricing there in a separate area of the store.

I’ve never been comfortable having the actual store hosted on my domain as we have never had the sort of massive financial resources necessary to help protect consumers in this modern era. CLICK HERE (or on the Square logo above) to enter our new store!

If you are looking for our latest apparel, please click the “Buy Now!” option at the top of our website here.