Peach-Reaper_bottleCarolina Reaper Peach IPA w/ Flying Dog

  • Style: Craft brewy / Fusion / Limited Edition
  • Heat Level: HOT … (9+ out of 10)
  • Pairs with: Seafood, Pork, Omelets, TexMex, and much, much more!


Once again, we paired up with the badass brewmasters of Flying Dog Brewery. This time around we also pulled in the mad scientist of peppers himself, Smokin’ Ed Currie, creator of the Carolina Reaper.


The Carolina Reaper Peach IPA is the third of four offerings in their Heat Series. Yes, the beer IS hot, but it’s also wonderfully delicious. Thanks to the long “fuse” on peppers like the Reaper, there’s a pretty big delay between in crossing the threshold of your lips and when the burn begins. This allows people to actually judge the quality of the underlying recipe, be it a beer or a hot sauce.


While the Peach IPA is the number one ingredient, this sauce is not just a thickened version of the beer. Once again, we painstakingly crafted a new sauce recipe around the flavors and nuances of the beer. This is a peach heavy sauce without being syrupy sweet. We added some apricot, some pear juice, a modest amounts of sweet onion & toasted garlic, and some Allspice and Coriander seed to tie it all together.


Yes, this IS a hot sauce.


Ingredients include: Flying Dog’s Carolina Reaper Peach IPA, Peaches, Apricot preserves, Sweet Onion, Toasted Garlic, Lemon, Coriander seed, Allspice.


SOLD OUT!  (Sorry, this was a linked edition)

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