Phoenix Superfood Sauce

PhoenixPhoenix is a wonderfully unique hot sauce that has a lot more applications than folks tend to think. People often get caught up with the individual ingredients and get lost. Many assume it is an insanely fruity, overly sweet sauce, which it surely is not! It’s actually a semi-sweet, somewhat “dry” of a flavor profile. It is not an overly mild sauce, but it’s not an over the top barn burner either.


We do a LOT of face to face samples every year — well into thousands of people per year — and when people look at the ingredient list, they’re intrigued, and the one question we hear most is:


So, what do you use this on?


Pour directly onto chicken breast, turkey breast, pork loin, ribs, and pulled pork sandwiches.


Not to sound braggartly, but it makes an AMAZING wing sauce! In fact, we have a hefty cache of gallon jugs of this sauce just for that purpose alone.


Mix with white wine vinegar for a killer vinaigrette type dressing!


Use it as a marinade on seafood, chicken and pork. It is, quite frankly, one simply divine hot sauce.


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Phoenix came into being as a tribute to Don Fergus, a long time friend and mentor to me. Don was whisked away from us far too early by a massive heart attack. While preparing for my part in his eulogy, it struck me that perhaps Don was on to something with his constant nudges to take my little hobby of a “company” more seriously. It occurred to me that one of the best ways I could personally honor and celebrate his life was to take that advice and run with it as hard and as far as I could. At the after party, celebrating his life, I made a promise to his widow that I would some day craft a sauce specifically as a tribute to Don; you can see it clearly imprinted upon the side of every bottle of Phoenix. What better sauce than one that is LOADED with some of the most potent yet tasty antioxidant rich ingredients on the planet?


Just some of the ingredients:




Black Cherry


Green Tea

Coriander seed

Hibiscus flower



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