Prepare your face for a delicious, smoked pepper powder treat!

The crushed fresh peppers that exit our Apparatus Essentia (patent pending)  are slowly dried in cold smokers over select American hard woods (a blend of hickory, alder and pecan) and then hand ground. Our low temperature drying process at between 90°F and 120°F results in a delicious, spicy treat that is perfect for warming up just about any dish or drink.

The Apparatus Essentia is the nickname we’ve given the machine and process that creates our Venom line of extreme tinctures. While depleted of some of its heat as a result of the tincture creation process, this is NOT a mild product!

We sell this product in small quantities for the sake of freshness. Sure, we could load up a much larger shaker, but not only would it be a far more expensive item, it would — for most people — go stale and lose almost all of its smokey goodness long before emptied.



  • 7g shaker (pictured above): $5.99/7g shaker Sorry … SOLD OUT.