Introducing our TeeSpring store front, offering you, the fine fan of Voodoo Chile Sauces that you are, the finest in casual attire!

As much as we’d love to be able to travel with t-shirts and hoodies, it simply does not make financial sense to do so. After a lot of searching for a fair balance of convenience and price, we locked our sights on TeeSpring.


For starters: the price! If you haven’t noticed already, we’re not into being all rapey when it comes to pricing things. We don’t like gouged on prices, and we refuse to do that to others. Sure, we COULD get shirts printed and bring the price down, but that would require us to lug around a LOT of shirts, and let’s face it … Voodoo Chile Sauces is a sauce company, not an apparel company. We leave such things to the experts.

To visit the store, just CLICK HERE … or click that funny looking button above … or the link immediately next to said button, and GET YOU SOME TODAY!!!!