Bloodline, w/ Flying Dog


  • Bloodline-bottleStyle: Craft brewy / Fusion
  • Heat Level: MEDIUM … (6 out of 10)

  • Pairs with: Chicken, Seafood, Pork, Omelets, Asian dishes and much more!


The Fusions project delves further into the depths of intensity! Once again, we’ve paired up with the badasses of craft beer: Flying Dog Brewery.


This time we’ve taken their spectacular, ground breaking blood orange IPA, Bloodline, and spun it into something simply magical. Once again, the beer is THE focal point of the sauce. Get ready for your palate to enjoy a huge, semi sweet rush of blood orange followed by a hoppy dryness on the finish and an enjoyable glow of a burn that lingers. Our secret blend of spices includes many found in traditional Ethiopian Berbere blends, pushing the flavor profile into a whole new territory you’re unlikely to find in any other hot sauce.


Ingredients: Bloodline Blood Orange Ale by Flying Dog Brewery, Chile Peppers, Carrot, Mandarin Oranges, Blood Orange concentrate, Apple cider vinegar, Sugar, Onion powder, Citric acid, Ascorbic acid, Coriander seed, Garlic powder, Spices.



  • Single bottle, $6.99 (normally $7.99) 
  • .
  • 3-pak, $22.37 (normally $23.97)
  • .
  • 6-pak, $39.99 (normally $47.94)


Most of our first bottling runs for new sauces do not carry the UPC barcode. This allows us more room on the label for the artwork and as first runs are normally under 2,000 bottles, they sell quickly and often do not make it into distribution in large numbers. If you are one of our commercial customers and need / want the official UPC barcode for this sauce it is: