Lowrey’s Bacon Curls

Bacon-combo-001Say WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!

Microwavable pork rinds … and they ROCK! Barring a road trip munchies emergency, you will never again buy bagged pork rinds ever again.

We know, we know … it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  When the infernally funny pepper man, Bishop Brad, told us about these things, there was that uncomfortable silence of disbelief.

As you might imagine, we occasionally get the same sort of response  when we tell people we make a delicious bacon hot sauce. So, we decided to put some trust in the crazy young guy and order ourselves some.

No need to drag this out: we obviously fell in love with it and immediately became a reseller.

PAIRS PERFECTLY WITH OUR Thai Dry seasoning powder!!!


  • Single bag, $1.99 


  • 6 pack, $9.99


  • 12 pack, $15.99



  • 2 bags of Bacon Curls & 1 bottle Thai Dry seasoning/rub, 2.65 oz, $7.99 (reg. $10.97)