Non Sequitur

Non-SequiturNon Sequitur

  • Style:  Illogical / Fruit / Alternative / SEASONAL SAUCE
  • Pairs with: Pork, Ham, Omelets, Cheeses, White meat
  • Heat Level: MEDIUM … (5 out of 10)

Comparing this sauce to any other is, in and of itself, a Non Sequitur! It’s an apples & oranges comparison!

Enter a world of the wonderfully bizarre! We combined the two proverbial examples of a bad comparison into a great sauce! A big blast of smokey apple butter steps into the limelight for a brief moment, only to be pushed off stage by sweet orange and orange zest, and then the outro is spices and heat from a delicious blend of exotic chile peppers from around the world.

This is not your mother’s apple butter, this is not another syrupy hot fruit sauce, this is something that is truly in a league all its own.



Only available in 4oz Boston round glass bottles. Get some now while supplies last. We only make limited quantities of this sauce immediately following the apple harvests in northern Virginia.

BUY NOW! $6.79 (Reg. $7.99)