Super Chicken Wings

Chicken-Wings-on-Baking-Rack-700x467So, the countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is under way! Here are some tips to creating some KILLER CHICKEN WINGS!
For starters … if you prefer to toss your wings in sauce before serving, I recommend giving Phoenix and Bacon Taco a try this year! Separately, of course.
If using Phoenix, we suggest you slightly thin the sauce with either white wine vinegar or melted butter. A ratio of 5 parts sauce to 1 part vinegar or butter seems to work best.
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As for how to best prep your wings, many are hardcore about frying, but if that’s not your thing, the alternative is baking them in the oven, This can often lead to not-so-crisp wings and a bit of disappointment, but we’re here to help you avoid such a calamity! 

Awesome baked wings, how to:

#1: before cooking, pat dry and lightly sprinkle with baking POWDER (I prefer to use an empty spice or salt shaker, and use approx. 1/2 Tbsp per pound of wings)
**** There’s something VERY important about the above step. It *MUST* be Baking Powder, NOT “baking soda” or “bi-carb soda” … which will render your wings completely NON edible.
*** *** seriously, make CERTAIN that you use baking POWDER (same stuff used to make muffins rise)
#2. bake the wings on a wire rack seated on a cookie sheet, and do so in TWO stages. First stage is at 250F for 30 to render most of the fat, and the second stage is to finish them off at 450F for another 45+ minutes, or until crispy.
I know, I know … it’s a LOT quicker to deep fry them, and PLEASE feel free to do so if so inclined, of course!

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