• Style: Malt vinegar / alternative
  • Pairs with: fish n chips, fries, crabs, greens, and anything else you would consider putting malt vinegar on!
  • Heat Level: MEDIUM … (5 out of 10)

The world’s only HOPS and chile pepper infused malt vinegar was formerly marketed under the name: “The Hazed Tao of Infernal Hoppyness.

In short, this is NOT a hot sauce, per se … it is, instead, a hops & chile pepper infused malt vinegar! Sounds simple on the surface, but something we’ve learned over the years, and usually the hard way, is that some of the simple sounding ideas in life can have hidden complexities; and such was the case with this recipe.

We eventually found that a splash of apple cider vinegar was needed to round things out, and while we were (and still are) fixated on the über delicious and aromatically complex Citra® hops, we found we even had to mix that up to create the end product that we wanted.

The chile pepper part of the equation, however, is typical of the Voodoo Chile Sauce approach to sauce making: flavor up front, lingering but enjoyable heat on the finish. (we’d say, “Flavor in the front, Heat in the rear … but that’s one that’s bound to be read the wrong way)

Uses: anywhere you want a distinctive but not overpowering vinegar blast. Works especially well with fish & chips, hush puppies, french fries, Brussell’s sprouts, salads, collard greens and much, more. Experiment with it and you’ll find that the uses are almost limitless!

Only available in 5oz glass bottles.

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