thai-dryA freeze dried slice of Sriracha inspired #Saucesomeness!

There’s a reason why Sriracha is so wildly popular: it tastes AMAZING and has almost unlimited uses! Like the ubiquitous sauce from Thailand, our dry spice blend delivers an enjoyable buzz of chile pepper heat … a light blast of vinegar tang, a smooth wave of toasted garlic, not to mention a gentle hint of sweetness and salt …




We are not aware of any other fiery foods company that relies as heavily upon the use of premium toasted garlic as we do, and Thai Dry is no exception! We have it well represented here! Sadly, many of the so-called “powdered Sriracha” products contain absolutely no garlic … what’s up wirth that?!?!?!?! That borders on unforgivable as garlic is an inseparable component of that sauce style’s core.


Thai Dry is one wicked-good, all purpose dry seasoning! It works great as a rub on pork, chicken and wings. It’s simply awesome on homemade fries, popcorn and a host of other treats. We even add some to our scrambled eggs while they’re being scrambled!


Made with three of our favorite peppers (Hungarian Paprika, the extra hot version of sun dried Kashmiri and a dash of smoked Moruga Scorpion chile for a little lingering heat), sugar, salt, and toasted garlic … this is as close to a dry Sriracha flavor profile as you’ll find.


Currently available in limited quantities, so grab it while you can and give your taste buds a huge smile this grilling season!


OH … and this stuff us beyond amazing on pork rinds. Did you know that we are authorized resellers of Lowry’s Bacon CurlsAdd some to your order today!


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