PIG SOWSE Extravaganza!


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Times change, the look of our label may too, but . . .


the SAUCE remains the same!


We weren’t the first to release a so-called “bacon” hot sauce, but we were the first to deliver an over the top recipe. These days we’re not alone and the world finally enjoys some outstanding examples of truly tasty hot sauces that deliver a bacony twist, but our line of bacon hot sauces still stand in a class all their own.


Over the course of the past few years we’ve expanded this recipe into some exciting variations:


PORCUS INFERNUM: (ultra mild) the original recipe. Bacon, Ham, Tomato, Onion and a sweet & tart apple cider flavor profile.


BACON TACO: (medium++) we spun the heart of Porcus into Taco Tuesday in a Bottle! Intense southwesterny / TexMex flavors! It’s hot, but it dissipates quickly.


BACON-X: (hot!!!!) Thai Chile brings the first blush of heat that seems mild, but then sneaking in afterwards is a wave of intense heat from the infamous ghost chile! Not just a hotter version of Porcus … this is a completely new twist on the concept with intense, earthy flavors and a thicker, creamy texture.


PORCUS TORMENTUM: (insanely hot) this sauce is simply not right. It’s the same, identical recipe as Infernum, but with orders of magnitude more heat, from several of the world’s hottest chile peppers!


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