WELCOME, and thanks for swinging by! You have officially made contact with the mothership of Porcus Infernum, the world's tastiest and most versatile bacon hot sauce! We are also the makers of the Venom series of extreme tinctures, as well as the world's only licensed Peppadew®  hot sauce manufacturer, as well as a host of other popular, tasty treats!

Our mission

Our mission is simple: make awesome products that attract awesome people, and give those folks world class service ... and do it all at an affordable price.
-- Voodoo, CEO & Chief Sauceologist


Our Customers

As mentioned above, we are blessed with some of the planet's most enthusiastic, fun loving customers! We also enjoy a large following of internationally trained chefs and renowned BBQ pitmasters.


Our Products

Our obsession is two-fold: flavor and quality. You need to know that most of our sauces are not very hot, and that is by design.

While our sauces are in the mild to medium category, we do make the hottest, cleanest and tastiest extreme tinctures on the planet which can be used to add virtually any level of heat to most any liquid or free flowing condiment or dish. In essence, we allow YOU to customize your heat levels, whether it be an entire bottle of sauce or just one serving.

We also sell a dry product (in powder form) called Q-Chile ... it allows you another means of controlling/increasing your heat level without significantly altering the flavor.

Heat aside ... every one of our recipes has started as a labor of love and each has a unique story and inspiration behind it. We do not chase the latest fads in sauce making; we are not a "me too" sauce company. If another sauce maker already has a total home run, our sauceologist would rather refer business to them than create a "me too" offering.

Don't take our word for it, though ... try some for yourself and if you don't like it, stuff that bottle in a box, ship it back, and we will refund your original purchase AND the return shipping; NO questions asked. (1, see below)

We at Voodoo Chile Sauces do not try to be all things to all people ... our sauces are as unique and varied as the wonderful people who enjoy them. At the end of the day it boils down to personal preference and individual taste. We hope that one or more of our culinary creations finds a fit with you.

It is our sincere hope that that you find at least one that you enjoy even a fraction as much as we have enjoyed creating them and using them in our own kitchen.

Infernally yours,

Please feel free to contact us via email at INFO@VoodooChileSauces.com.

(1): free return & refund offer available only on a single bottle purchase of any of our regular 5oz sauces. To qualify for a refund, please contact us BEFORE returning to obtain a RMA number. Also, the returned product must be at least 3/4 (75%) full. Once we take receipt of your returned item, we will refund you your original purchase price plus your cost of shipping. In most cases, we will provide you with a shipping label and instructions for a return.